Nadia Opara

Current Project

Solid supports for X-FEL based dynamic studies on 2D and 3D nanocrystals of membrane proteins.

This is a joint project between the University of Basel and the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), Villigen, Switzerland running under the Swiss Nano Institute (SNI) PhD program.



Short Biography

Nadia Opara from Poland joined the Stahlberg group at CINA / the Paul Scherrer Institute Villigen, Switzerland in Mar 2014. She has a BSc in the field of Biological Chemisty and an MSc in the field of Molecular Biotechnology and Technical Biochemistry, both from the Lodz University of Technology, Poland. She obtained her PhD in Fall 2018.



1 kHz fixed-target serial crystallography using a multilayer monochromator and an integrating pixel detector

Tolstikova, A., Levantino, M., Yefanov, O., Hennicke, V., Fischer, P., Meyer, J., Mozzanica, A., Redford, S., Crosas, E., Opara, N., Barthelmess, M., Lieske, J., Oberthuer, D., Wator, E., Mohacsi, I., Wulff, M., Schmitt, B., Chapman, H., Meents, A.

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Microfabricated silicon chip as lipid membrane sample holder for serial protein crystallography

Gorzny, M.L., Opara, N., Guzenko, V.A., Cadarso, V.J., Schift, H., Li, X.D., Padeste, C.

Micro Nano Engineering 3, 31-36 (2019)



Femtosecond phase-transition in hard x-ray excited bismuth

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Scientific Reports 9(602), (2019)


Supramolecular architectures of molecularly thin yet robust free-standing layers

Moradi, M., Opara, N., Tulli, L.G., Wäckerlin, C., Dalgarno, S.J., Teat, S.J., Baljozovic, M., Popova, O., van Genderen, E., Kleibert, A., Stahlberg, H., Abrahams, J., Padeste, C., Corvini, P.F.-X., Jung, T.A., Shahgaldian, P.

Science Advances 5(2), eaav4489 (2019)




Demonstration of femtosecond X-ray pump X-ray probe diffraction on protein crystals

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Direct protein crystallization on ultrathin membranes for diffraction measurements at X-ray free electron lasers

Opara, N., Martiel, I., Arnold, S., Braun, T., Stahlberg, H., Makita, M., David, C., Padeste, C.

J. of Applied Crystallography 50, 909-918 (2017)