Daniel Caujolle-Bert

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    Short Biography

    Daniel Caujolle-Bert from France joined the BioEM Lab at CINA in March 2016 as a lab technician in electron microscopy. He is involved amongst others in the the automation of the electron microscopes. In 2008 he joined Andreas Engel's group at CINA, as a hardware and software developer in the high-throughput
    tool-chain for sample preparation and microscopic analysis project. He also developed 3 high-throughput membrane protein crystallization robots.



    ANIMATED-TEM: a toolbox for electron microscope automation based on image analysis.

    Hermann G., Coudray N., Buessler JL., Caujolle-Bert, D., Rémigy HW., Urban JP.

    Machine Vision and Applications 23(4), 1-21 (2011)

    DOI: 10.1007/s00138-011-0357-5


    Automated screening of 2D crystallization trials using transmission electron microscopy: a high-throughput tool-chain for sample preparation and microscopic analysis

    Coudray, N., Hermann, G., Caujolle-Bert, D., D., Karathanou, A., Erne-Brand, F., Buessler, J. L., Daum, P., Plitzko, J. M., Chami, M., Müller, U., Kihl, H., Urban, J. P., Engel, A., Remigy, H. W.

    J Struct Biol 173(2), 365-74 (2011)



    Membrane protein reconstitution and crystallization by controlled dilution

    Remigy, H. W., Caujolle-Bert, D., D., Suda, K., Schenk, A., Chami, M., Engel, A.

    FEBS Lett 555(1), 160-9 (2003)



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