BioEM Lab Prices

Prices are in Swiss Franks (CHF).

If Operator Assistance involves significant intellectual input, such as recording high-resolution cryo-EM data or performing image processing and 3D reconstruction, then co-authorship of involved BioEM Lab personnel on resulting publications is requested in addition to the user fees. 


Uni Basel Other Academia (incl. 20% overhead) For Profit / Industry (incl. 20% overhead, excl. VAT)
BioEM Lab Assistance Sample prep 30/hr 45/hr 84/hr
TEM TEM (120kV) 15/hr 30/hr 84/hr
TEM (200kV) 30/hr 60/hr 210/hr
TEM + Operator TEM (120kV) 25/hr 50/hr 168/hr
TEM (200kV) 40/hr 80/hr 294/hr
High-end TEM + Operator TEM (300kV Polara/K2) 400/day 1100/day 3900/day
TEM (300kV Titan/GIF/K2) 500/day 1450/day 5000/day

Alternatively, a pricing per sample or per project can be defined.