Nano-Mechanical Viscosity Sensors and Imaging Systems


To understand the mechanisms involved in protein aggregation, it is essential to monitor the process in real-time without perturbation. One approach is to measure the mass density and dynamic viscosity of the liquid, both of which change as aggregation proceeds.

This project aims to measure the mass density and dynamic viscosity of microlitre liquid volumes, and to monitor this over time.

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Specialized nanomechanical microcantilevers have been developed. Their dynamic response in the probed fluid  is recorded at high time-resolution as aggregation occurs.

The system has recently been adapted for the high-throughput analysis of microlitre sample droplets. Once integrated in the visual proteomics pipeline, this will allow the loss-less deposition of the samples on an electron microscopy grid and quantitative analysis by transmission electron microscopy (TEM).

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Thomas Braun

Henning Stahlberg

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