Sarah Shahmoradian

Current Project

Structural Analysis of Human Brain from Parkinson's Disease Patients

Short Biography

Sarah Shahmoradian from America joined the Stahlberg group in March 2013 and has a Roche Post-Doctoral Fellowship. Her Ph.D. in Molecular Physiology and Biophysics (focus: cryo-electron microscopy and proteins associated with neurodegenerative diseases) was obtained at the Baylor College of Medicine, USA, and her B.Sc. in Biology (focus: neurobiological research) from the James Madison University, Virginia, USA. 



Cryo ptychographic ...

Tran, H.T., Tsai, E.H.R., Lewis, A., Moors, T., Bol, J.G.J.M., Rostami, I., Diaz, A., Joker, A.J., Guizar-Sicairos, M., Raabe, J., Stahlberg, H., van de Berg, W.D.J., Holler, M., Shahmoradian, S.

(submitted), (2020)


Lewy pathology in Parkinson's disease consists of crowded organelles and lipid membranes

Shahmoradian, S., Lewis, A., Genoud, C., Graff, A., Pérez Navarro, P., Goldie, K., Sütterlin, R., Castano-Diez, D., Ingrassia, A., Rozemuller, A.J.M., Paepe, A.D., Erny, J.Staempfli, A., Hoernschemeyer, J., Niedieker, D., El-Mashtoly, S.F., Gerwert, K., Bohrmann, B., Britschgi, M., Stahlberg, H., van de Berg, W.D.J., Lauer, M.E.

Nature Neuroscience 22, 1099-1109 (2019)


DOI: Nature Neurosc.


Part 2: Coping with Biology

Benjamin Stecher. (Images:, Lewis, A., Shahmoradian, S., Stahlberg, H., )

Tomorrow Edition (an online blog by Benjamin Stecher about his journey in Parkinson's disease), (2018)

DOI: Tomorrow Edition


Imaging of post-mortem human brain tissue using electron and X-ray microscopy

Lewis, A., Genoud, C., Pont, M., van de Berg, W.D.J., Frank, S., Stahlberg, H., Shahmoradian, S., Al-Amoudi, A.

Current Opinion Structural Biology 58, 138-148 (2019)




Cerebral Corpora amylacea are dense membranous labyrinths containing structurally preserved cell organelles

Pérez Navarro, P., Genoud, C., Castano-Diez, D., Graff-Meyer, A., Lewis, A., de Gier, Y., Lauer, M.E., Britschgi, M., Bohrmann, B., Frank, S., Hench, J., Schweighauser, G., Rozemuller, A.J.M., van de Berg, W.D.J., Stahlberg, H., Shahmoradian, S.

Scientific Reports 8(18046), (2018)



Three-Dimensional Imaging of Biological Tissue by Cryo X-Ray Ptychography

Shahmoradian, S., Tsai, E.H.R., Diaz, A., Guizar-Sicairos, M., Spycher, L., Raabe, J., Britschgi, M., Ruf, A., Stahlberg, H., Holler, M.

Scientific Reports 7(2), 6291 (2017)