Weekly seminars presented by two of the group members

C-CINA internal group seminars usually take place on Tuesday morning at 9.00 am in the Misrock seminar room in the D-BSSE building, Mattenstrasse 26, in Basel. Journal Club is usually Wednesday at 16:00 in the Erasmus room.

Current schedule, last updated: 14/05/2019
Date What Speaker Comments
23-Apr-19 Group Seminar Evans Frank (canceled)
24-Apr-19 Journal Club Stefano (interpretation of p-value)
30-Apr-19 Group Seminar Inay Paolo
7-May-19 Group Seminar Frank Mohamed (canceled)
14-May-19 Group Seminar Paula (canceled) Dong
21-May-19 Group Seminar Carola Cedric (canceled)
22-May-19 Journal Club Amanda (subjectivity and uncertainty in structural biology)
28-May-19 Group Seminar Claudio Fabian
4-Jun-19 Group Seminar Cinzia Domenic
11-Jun-19 Group Seminar Ashraf Stefano
18-Jun-19 Group Seminar Stefan A. Anastasia
25-Jun-19 Group Seminar Philippe Lubomir

This list is maintained by Philippe Ringler and Stefano Scaramuzza.